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Ana Paula Arosio is one of the most popular actresses in Brazil. She was "discovered" by a representative for an advertisement agency when Ana Paula was shopping at a supermarket.

In 1989, Arůsio moved to Japan to work as a model. Returning later back to Brazil, she played in …ramos Seis, which was her first soap opera.

Arůsio became famous in Brazil when she played the role "Hilda Furac„o" in 1998. In 1999, Ana Paula's beauty and talent was known all around the world with Terra Nostra soap opera, where Ana Paula, acted as the Italian immigrant Giuliana.

In 2001, Arůsio changed the color of her hair and eyes to play "Maria Eduarda", a character from the TV series Os Maias, directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho.
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